The world post-Covid is full of uncertainties that also impact on agriculture. Faced with a host of new challenges, the sector needs certainties on which to rely to continue growing in a fully interconnected environment. In this #SeipasaDigitalEncounter we analyse the tools available to farmers on this path towards transformation, the potential of biological solutions and the role of new integrated strategies, to find the much-needed balance between production cost-effectiveness, quality and sustainability.

We invite you to accompany us on a global tour of analysis and reflection based on the testimonies of technicians and producers from different parts of the world.  Their vision will help us to provide the keys to the environment our sector will be navigating in the coming years.


Salvador Fuentes

Technical Manager at Procomel (Melones El Abuelo) (Spain)

Antonio Gálvez

Technical Manager agricultural supplies of Hermanos Zaragoza (Spain)

Carlos Ortiz

Technical Manager Casat (Spain)

Luis Felipe Gaxiola

Chief Commercial Officer at Natural Grow (Mexico)

Gabriela Arrunategui

Commercial Delegate Montana (Peru)

Amine Bennani

President of the Moroccan Association of Red Fruit Producers (Morocco)

Gregorio Velasco

Technical Manager El Ciruelo (Spain)

Lidia Martínez

Specialist technician Abomar (Spain)

Marco Toapanta

Technical Director at Seipasa USA (USA)

Alfonso Astorga

Technical Advisor Natural Grow (Mexico)

César Arce

Technical Developer Montana (Peru)


Pedro Palazón

CEO at IDEAGRO (Spain)

Francisco Espinosa

Chief Research Officer at Seipasa

Juan Manuel López

Chief Marketing Officer at Seipasa

Javier Nácher

Chief Technical Officer at Seipasa

José Angel Talavera

Chief Commercial Officer at Seipasa

Presented by:

Jorge Jaramillo

Agri-food journalist at CMMedia

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